Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In the quiet, dimly lit streets of Melbourne's suburb Ripponlea lies a definite hidden gem, two hat restaurant Attica. The menu changes regularly, so Head Chef Ben Shewry and his team use Tuesday nights as an opportunity to test and develop new menu ideas. The Chef's table menu is 5 courses and only $80 per head, $125 with matching wines. Booking is essential. My boyfriend and I are eager and willing to trial some of the latest cooking ideas. Please excuse the iphone photos...

With a friendly greeting we are promptly seated. A choice of sourdough or linseed is offered, with olive oil emulsion and house-made butter (absolutely amazing, we ask for more)

wild mushrooms, cooked over wood and smoke
Intense aroma, softened by creamy goat's feta.

abalone, fried lettuce heart, pork juices.
great texture, a little lack luster.

pork jowl, cider, almond and sorrel
The pork melts in my mouth, boudin noir is full of flavour

wiltshire horn lamb, tubers, artichokes.
The highlight of the night, lamb is tender and perfectly cooked.

hibiscus, rhubarb, salted pear
delicate and sweet. syrup is poured at the table.

Attica was recently rated 73rd Best Restaurant in the world in the San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants List.

Definitely something you need to experience.

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