Saturday, September 11, 2010

Freshly Shucked Oysters

The warm weather is on it's way. And what's better to enjoy outside in the sun, than a dozen or so freshly shucked oysters?

The Sydney Fish Markets have a huge variety when it comes to oysters and other fresh seafood. One of my favourite stores is Christie's. They have up four or five different varieties of oyster to choose from, along with live blue marron, mud crab and crayfish.

 I've chosen two pacific varieties today.

Coffin Bay,  SA $16.90 doz

St Helens, Tas $19.90 doz

You can order your oysters pre-shucked. But I recommend buying them still closed and shucking them yourself, they work out to be $1 cheaper per dozen and are even fresher.

The oyster is actually still alive up until the point it has been detached from the shell. 

To shuck your own oyster:

First you will need an oyster shucker which range from $5 - $40 depending on quality, and a tea towel to protect your hand.

Starting on a hard stable surface. Roll one end of the tea towel up, to provide a platform for the oyster. Fold the rest of the towel over your supporting hand.

Using the sharp end of the shucker and some force, wiggle back and forth between the two halves of the shell until it pops open.

Turn the shucker on the side and slide it against the top half of the shell. Cut the membrane hold the oyster in place, making sure you don't damage it.

Clean any shell fragments from the oyster and the shucker.

Gently slide the shucker underneath the oyster to free it from the bottom half of the shell. 

Now it's ready to eat. 
 Squeeze on a little lemon juice and chew three times before you swallow.

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