Sunday, October 10, 2010

Australian Cheese Markets

The Rocks Markets were taken over this weekend by local Australian Specialist Cheesemakers as part of the Crave Sydney Food Festival.

 Producers from NSW and interstate came together at Jack Mundey Place to show off their cheeses along with other cheese-related products.

We sample the cheese with lavoush, taste wine and find some tasty additions too.

Capra Cheese; organic goat's cheese

Fresco - Fromage Blanc/Fromage Frias

Cameo - Mature ashed & white mould cheese

Velvet - Mature white mould cheese

Yarra Valley Dairy

Persian Fetta - marinated, silky cow's milk

Cardi - smokey goat's cheese

Juno - juniper berry goat's cheese

Small Cow Farm

Small Cow Blue - strong and sweet

Pukara Estate

A huge range of olive oils, balsamic and white vinegar as well as dukah and aioli.


...and we'll take some home for later.

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