Monday, October 11, 2010

Night Noodle Markets

It wouldn't be the Sydney Food Festival without the Night Noodle Markets. 
For the next two weeks, a portion of Hyde Park in the CBD will be sectioned off for local restaurants to set up stalls and serve authentic food.

 The market is only open weekday nights from 5 - 9:30pm and has lots to offer, download a copy of the Night Noodle Markets Map here.

We decided to check out opening night, so we had a chance to get around to most of the stalls. I suggest arriving early to beat the crowds, especially in the second week when it's busier.

This year's markets is double the size of last years with over 40 stalls. It has a variety of cultural influences, from Thai and Malaysian to Turkish and Lebanese.

A few must see stalls are;

DIN TAI FUNG - Chinese dumplings

Set up just like the restaurant kitchen in World Square. Chefs carefully rolling dough to order, weighing every filling to go inside. Great to watch.

Pork Dumplings - 4 for $6
Lot's of flavour, great with ginger and black vinegar.

 Sweet Taro Buns - 3 for $6
Soft, sweet and sticky filling.

Din Tai Fung

644 George St
(02) 9264 6010

 Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon

EAST OCEAN RESTAURANT - Chinese seafood and Dim Sum

It takes a double sized stall to fit all their cooking equipment in. 
Heaps of hot steaming dim sum ready to go.

 San Choy Bau - $6

 We decide on San Choy Bau and some deep fried items. I think $6 is a little steep for one serve, but their someone's favourite and were full of flavour.

East Ocean 

421 Sussex St
02 9212 4198
East Ocean on Urbanspoon

Definitely a highlight.

We watch the chefs tossing their woks in a smokey kitchen as we wait for our food.

Otak Otak - $4
Grilled spicy fish cake in banana leaf.
Smells slightly like a cigar, slightly sweet and very tasty.

 Char Kway Teow (CKT) - $9
 Stir fried egg and rice noodles with garlic, egg, beansprouts and chives.
Available with chicken or beef too, for a little extra.

Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine

85 Majors Bay Rd
(02) 9743 0390
 Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine on Urbanspoon



We decide to try Chat Thai's desserts. 
Their skewers and noodles are also available, sold next door.

 Coconut Ice Cream - $8
 With toasted peanuts and soft jellies.

 Banana Fritters - $8
You get a box stuffed full. Sweet and crunchy and coated in sesame.

Chat Thai

20 Campbell St
02 9211 1808

Chat Thai on Urbanspoon


They seem a bit out of place amongst all the other stalls.
Feeling quite full, but we manage to stuff these light, fluffy and dripping in syrup morsels in, somewhere.

 If your after a drink there are three bars stationed around the area serving wine by the glass or bottle, beer and soft drinks.

You can relax and enjoy some music in the beer garden.

Don't forget to see the Art and About works hanging around Hyde Park too.

These are just a few of the stalls and sights at the Night Noodle Markets.
There is way too much to see and to fit in our stomachs for just one night, I think we'll go again before it ends.


  1. loving your blog!
    went to the night noodle markets last Friday had an amazing night! just posted some pictures on our blog about it and linked to your post :)

  2. Making me hungry just looking at the stunning food. Wish I had been in Sydney when festival was on.

  3. good review! forgot exactly when they were on again... does anyone else wonder why there are Turkish & Lebanese stalls at the 'noodle markets'?