Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sydney Food and Wine Fair

It has been a busy month... 

This year's Crave Sydney International Food Festival has hosted a degustation of exciting events over the course of October. However it wouldn't be complete with The Sydney Food and Wine Fair to wrap it all up.

The Food and Wine Fair is the flagship fundraiser for The AIDS Trust of Australia and is held in the heart of Sydney's CBD, in Hyde Park. I love the idea of local and renowned cafes, restaurants and beverage establishments donating their time and effort to raise money for much needed organisation. Some businesses include Brasserie Breads, Long Grain Restaurant, Tempus Two Vineyards, Lucio's Italian and Jimmy Liks.

Every year the fair takes place on the last Saturday of October from 12 - 5pm and is an important event on any foodie's calender. This year was the 20th Anniversary and to no surprise was a huge success. 

 A small group of friends and I enjoyed the tastes and sounds together.

Each buisiness has a designated stall and food and drinks can be swapped for pre-purchased vouchers.

We decided to grab a bite to eat first.

Chorizo on sourdough was available from Brasserie Bread.

Soft bread, spicy sausage topped off with sweet grilled capsicum.

Brasserie Bread

(13) 0096 6845
1737 Botany Rd

Brasserie Bread on Urbanspoon

Fish Ball Curry

Sweet and spicy sauce, fluffy white rice with crunchy bean sprouts and garlic chips.

After browsing the food stalls we decide to get a few glasses of sparkling, sit on the grass in the sun and enjoy the live entertainment.

Performers on the stage included 70's NZ rock band Dragon, cabaret dancers and an opera act.

It couldn't of been better weather and was a great afternoon. We will definitely attend again next year.

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Special Thanks to Adrian De Brock and all the volunteers who made it possible.

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