Monday, November 8, 2010

Corner of Foveaux & Crown

  Crown Street Surry Hills has always been famous for cafes and restaurants and there is always something new and exciting to try. Fifi Foveaux's  is a quiet cafe on the corner.

 Vibrant red wallpaper, plastic chandeliers and  gnome stools create a funky atmosphere. Waitstaff are very friendly.

Our order is taken and drinks swiftly follow.

Hot coffee comes served with a mini freckle.

Bircher muesli, yoghurt and poached pear $9.5
A little bland.

One Pan Breakfast; Crispy bacon, fried eggs with guacamole and sourdough 12.5

Across the road at The Crown Street Grocer we find some of Adriano Zumbo's sweets for sale.

Fifi Foveaux's

(02) 9380 6881
428 Crown St
Surry Hills

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Two doors down on Foveaux is The Sparkle Cupcakery. Where flavours change depending on the day of the week and limited edition ones are released throughout the year.

Each cake is made from scratch and baked fresh every day. Using the highest quality ingredients including free range eggs, vanilla and Belgian chocolate.

There is a flavour for every person or occasion. 

Morning Glory, Oriental Flower, Espresso, Coconut Ice and many more!

Classic $4.50 each $27 half dozen $50 dozen

Even one for your four legged friend.

We decide on Green Tea & Bubbles and The Seasonal Celebration.

Maccha cake filled with tapioca bubbles and lime frosting.

Raspberry red velvet with butter cream.

Cakes can be enjoyed in house with tea, coffee or just by themselves.
A cheeky indulgence.

Sparkle Cupcakery

(02) 9361 0690
132 Foveaux St
Sparkle Cupcakery on Urbanspoon


  1. i love the cute gnome stools. same ones at Black Star Pastry in Newtown I believe :-)

  2. I love Fifi Foveaux's! It's so great for breakfast! And Sparkle Cupcakery is sooo good!


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